Cortland County
New York


Endorsing State Legislation Amending Chapter 443 of the Laws of 2007 Amending the Tax Law Relating to Authorizing the County of Cortland to Impose an Additional Mortgage Recording Tax, in Relation to Extending the Effectiveness of Such Provisions.” (Assembly Bill No. 6489, Senate Bill No. 4255) - NOTE: Following State Legislation Action the Term was Extended to November 30, 2020


Department:Legislature/Clerk of Legislature/HistorianSponsors:District 4 Richard Bushnell
Category:Home Rule Request


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              WHEREAS, the Cortland County Legislature approved Resolution No. 41-17, “A Home Rule Request For Special Legislation to Amend the Tax Law, in Relation to Extending the Authorization For Imposition of Mortgage Recording Tax in Cortland County Until December 1, 2019”, AND


              WHEREAS, New York State Tax Law §253-v presently authorizes Cortland County to adopt and amend local laws imposing a mortgage recording tax of twenty five cents ($.25) for each one hundred dollars ($100.00) and each remaining major fraction thereof of principal debt or obligation which is or under any contingency may be secured at the date of execution thereof, or at any time thereafter, by a mortgage on real property situated in Cortland County and recorded on or after the date upon which such tax takes effect, (beginning September 30, 2007 and ending December 1, 2017), AND


              WHEREAS, in the current economic climate it would create a fiscal hardship for Cortland County if this source of revenue was to expire, and such a loss would result in a substantial burden on County property owners through increased property taxes or loss of essential services, NOW THEREFORE BE IT


              RESOLVED, that this Legislature endorses and requests State approval of said legislation, and urges its elected representatives in the Senate and Assembly to support this legislation, AND BE IT FURTHER


              RESOLVED, that the Clerk of this Legislature and the County Attorney prepare the documentation necessary for the New York State Legislature to enact said Legislation, AND BE IT FURTHER             


              RESOLVED, that the Chairman of the Legislature, upon review and approval by the County Attorney or designee, be and hereby is authorized to execute the appropriate Home Rule Request for the enactment of said special law. 

Meeting History

Apr 13, 2017 11:00 AM  Judiciary & Public Safety Committee Committee Meeting
MOVER:George Wagner, Legislative District 15 - Committee Member
SECONDER:Joseph Steinhoff, Legislative District 12 - Committee Member
AYES:Richard Bushnell, Gordon Wheelock, Kevin Whitney, George Wagner, Luke Snyder, Mary Ann Discenza, Joseph Steinhoff
Apr 18, 2017 10:00 AM  Budget & Finance Committee Committee Meeting
MOVER:John R Troy, Committee Member
SECONDER:Joseph Steinhoff, Committee Member
AYES:John R Troy, Mary Ann Discenza, Joseph Steinhoff, Linda Jones, Donnell Boyden
EXCUSED:Kevin Whitney, Sandra Price, George Wagner
Apr 27, 2017 6:00 PM Video Cortland County Legislature Legislative Session
MOVER:Richard Bushnell, Minority Leader
SECONDER:John R Troy, Legislative District 1
AYES:John R Troy, Amy Cobb, Thomas P. Hartnett, Richard Bushnell, Luke Snyder, Mary Ann Discenza, Raylynn Knolls, Donnell Boyden, Linda Jones, Gordon Wheelock, Christopher Newell, Joseph Steinhoff, Kevin Whitney, Sandra Price, George Wagner, James Denkenberger
EXCUSED:Charles Sudbrink