Cortland County
New York

Withdrawn - No Future Action
Jul 11, 2017 11:00 AM

Authorizing Disposal Fee for Electronics - Solid Waste


Department:Legislature/Clerk of Legislature/HistorianSponsors:Chair, Legislature Charles Sudbrink


              WHEREAS, the New York State Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act implemented a frame work for recycling E-Waste generated in New York State, AND


WHEREAS, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) was empowered by law to administer the new program, AND


WHEREAS, beginning April 1, 2011, equipment manufacturers were required to accept E-Waste for recycling or pay a surcharge to DEC based upon their respective market share of electronics sold in the State for the purpose of funding the E-Waste program, AND


              WHEREAS, in 2012 the Cortland County Solid Waste Division (County) implemented an E-Waste Recycling Program and began receiving E-Waste from the public without fee at its recycling center at 137 ½ Pendleton Street in Cortland, AND


              WHEREAS, the County has been informed that cathode ray tube televisions and computer monitors (collectively CRT’s) along with other E-Waste no longer have a zero cost channel for recycling and some recyclers are now forced to charge for CRT’s and other electronic waste generated in New York State due to financial weaknesses in the program structure currently administered by DEC and an apparent lack of market options for recycling items such as hazardous CRT’s and other electronic waste, AND


              WHEREAS, the County has been forced to restructure the local E-Waste program and implement a $20.00 per item fee for all CRT, non-CRT televisions, computer monitors, and non-covered electronics to ensure that the people of the County continue to have a safe and reliable program for the recycling of E-Waste, NOW THEREFORE BE IT


              RESOLVED, that the County will implement a $20.00 per item fee for all CRT televisions, flat panel televisions, non-covered electronics, and non-CRT televisions and computer monitors, AND BE IT FURTHER


              RESOLVED, the $20.00 per item fee will take effect on January 1, 2018, AND BE IT FURTHER


              RESOLVED, all revenues received from E-Waste be deposited into Account #EL816142 42130

Meeting History

Jun 13, 2017 11:00 AM  Solid Waste Committee Committee Meeting

Mr. Sudbrink said there are three options to cover the cost of recycling flow control, taxes, or user fees. Mr. Ernst said tipping fees do not allow for predictable budgeting a household fee would provide more predictable budgeting. Mr. Wheelock suggested forcing the towns and Village to handle trash collection. Mr. Sudbrink said he believes a per unit recycling fee is more equitable than placing the cost on the property tax levy. Mr. Hartnett said a per unit fee coupled with any potential tax increase will be a burden on property owners. Mr. Sudbrink said he is starting to re-examine his position on flow control. Mr. Whitney said he supports the concepts discussed by the committee, he said there is a movement to look at how other counties operate but when we see practices that work that the Legislature doesn’t like we look the other way.

Mr. Sudbrink made a motion to implement a $25 per household recycling fee beginning January 1st 2018. Mr. Troy seconded the motion. Mr. Wagner suggested the fee should be $50.00 per household. Troy, Hartnett, Discenza, Newell, Sudbrink voted aye; Wagner and Wheelock voting nay. Motion carries.

RESULT:TABLED [UNANIMOUS]Next: 7/11/2017 11:00 AM
MOVER:Charles Sudbrink, Chair
SECONDER:John R Troy, Vice-Chair
AYES:John R Troy, Thomas P. Hartnett, Gordon Wheelock, George Wagner, Mary Ann Discenza, Charles Sudbrink, Christopher Newell
Jul 11, 2017 11:00 AM  Solid Waste Committee Committee Meeting

The committee discussed the proposed recycling fee. Some members felt that the $20.00 fee as proposed is too high and may lead to an increase in illegal dumping. Mr. Newell asked how the fee would be collected; he asked if the fee would cover a computer and all accessories. The committee discussed what items are considered covered electronics. Mr. Sudbrink suggested the fee be amended to $10.00; he then asked how the fee would be collected. Mr. Hartnett said he is opposed to lowering the fee, he feels it should be $20.00 as it would help generate some revenue to offset costs related to recycling. Mr. Krey discussed the DEC e-waste rebate program; he said if a fee is put in place the County would see a reduction in rebate payments from the State. He said the rebate program may be eliminated in 2018. Mr. Krey said he expects $38,000 in e-waste reimbursement for the first half of 2017. Mr. Ernst suggested relocating the electronic waste disposal site to the landfill.

Following the discussion Mr. Sudbrink directed the Clerk to withdraw the resolution as he did not feel there is enough support to move it forward.